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The first half of the book is devoted to harm reduction, health, safety and legal rights, and the second half has information for local, national and international resources relevant to the lives of sex workers.

You can still buy this book NOW …in hard copy. A list of December 17th vigils and events globally.

Annie Sprinkle Former board member of St. James Infirmary. A true sex work hero.

James Infirmary advisory board member Carol Leigh. Big Susies Canada List of sex worker organizations based in Canada and other resources and useful information.

Center for Sex and Culture Non-judgmental, sex positive sexuality education and community center based in San Francisco, co-founded by Dr. Carol Queen and Dr. Robert Lawrence. Desiree Alliance A diverse, volunteer-based, sex worker-led network of organizations, communities and individuals across the US working in harm reduction, direct services, political advocacy and health services for sex workers. Life Long Medical A clinic for low-income people in Oakland.

James Infirmary, Naomi offers a judgment-free space for all sex workers in her psychotherapy practice. She specializes in supporting sex-workers and other sexual outlaws around issues of intimacy, connection, safety and self-actualization.

Publisher of Research for Sex Work. They have some amazing downloadable resources.

San Francisco Sex Information Provides free, confidential, accurate, non-judgmental information about sex and reproductive health, as well trains community sex educators.

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