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An interesting piece of social history.

They are obviously showing what is on offer to prospective clients. Ellison, and took its common nickname from a general term for syphilitic insanity.

The building contained both a bar and a beer garden on the ground boy prostitutes columbia, with two floors of rooms above that were rented out. Paresis Hall was particularly renowned and reviled even at the time, and was a common target for both police activity and religious protests. Despite this, evidence suggests it was active until at least A rare photograph postcard, from Berthard and Julius spent quite a lot of time at the club and enjoyed having a boy or two… together.

They were given to the man or young man if his spending habits warranted. The tangle of implements, I suppose, are deed to give them an air of respectability. The pictures of individual boys are the calling cards to give to clients.

The final picture shows Paresis or Columbia Hall in recent years. The Hall served as a all male brothel and gay bar for some years. It was closed down, due to its increasing popularity with the men of the city.

I suppose these cards could be advertisements for what was for sale, or as a keepsake after the event. Law enforcement agencies eventually had to close the brothel, because it was so popular. Three handsome young men.

I wonder if they were some of the workers at Paresis Hall, New York. Posts Ask me anything Archive. See this in the app Show more. Top Photos.

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