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Name: Gabrila How old am I: 35

Agency: Angels Of London. Prefered contact: Phonecall be sure to mention ER when calling. If ever a woman was of perfect proportion, it s Marina. Explore her sexy photos and you will see the petite East European possesses a spectacular figure. Fine enough to grace the front cover of a magazine, she certainly looks great whatever she s wearing. The slim and toned beauty has slender legs and a lovely 32B bust. And when you combine all of this with her fun-loving personality and naughty mind, you ve got one marina escort escort companion!

General Description: Easy marina escort, fit, fun, horny, hot.

She was great in bed, pleasant marina escort be around. Good prices for quality services. The Juicy Details: Girl looking like in pics. Slim, sun-kissed skin, pretty face, bright smile. I had the pleasure of being in her company for an hour, and will certainly be back for more of that soon. Lovely babe. General Description: Easy sex with no strings attached! Good Girl friend experience too. The Juicy Details: So I just broke up with my long term girlfriend and have no interest in pursuing any sort of relationship right now.

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I do have an interest however in sex. I love sex and I like to have it as often as I can. That's where Marina comes in, I found her when I was searching for a gal who I could have sex with and not have any strings attached. I wasn't interested in trying to find a girl in an old-fashioned way, so this seemed like the right choice for me, and boy, was it! Marina is exactly what I want and need right now! She's sexy, hot, and great at what she does!

Every time I make a date with her she doesn't disappoint. The best money I've spent in a long time! Until I am ready to date again, Marina is there for me General Description: Marina was a trooper and marina escort out of her way to please me in so many ways.

I would give marina escort a 10 out of 10 if I were to rate her.

The Juicy Details: I asked to speak to Marina directly about some services. When I spoke to her on the phone, she sounded really nice and so I knew I marina escort scored big. She told me that she had fucked bisexuals before and I had a strange request.

I had a girlfriend and we wanted to try something new. I wanted to bring my girlfriend and sit and watch Marina and her in action.

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I think that is what you call cuckolding. Then, I wanted my girlfriend; after she had gotten her fuck, sit and watch me get fucked by Marina. I got a little jealous during the process but soon got over it by the time I was getting mine. This was a whole different experience, but one I will always cherish because I was able to marina escort one of my biggest sexual fantasies; all because Marina was open-minded. Love her vibe!

General Description: Very attractive and special; has unique qualities and makes it easier to be in her presence. The Juicy Details: Marina was a special girl. I could tell from the beginning.

She has a toned body, slender legs and so gorgeous. I loved being with her since she was the one girl in the room marina escort everyone was looking at. I thought that she was sexy and you could even think that she was a model, if you didn't know her. I took her to my office party and everyone believed that she was my girlfriend and I certainly did not let on. I just let my coworkers think that she was my sexy and gorgeous GF marina escort Marina did not let the cat out of the bag and I respected her for that.

She just played right along. I would definitely consider taking her to the next office party, if she is available. General Description: Excellent companion and knows how to fit in when she has to.

Beautiful soul and has great body! The Juicy Details: It so happens that I love to do weird things as it relates to intimacy and water sports or WS is one of things I love and I make no apologies for this.

It is hard to find someone to urinate on you because that is a fetish that you like and I feel no shame for it. I just love the sensation of pee. So, I marina escort that Marina offered that service and so that is why I chose her. Of course, she agreed wholeheartedly and I got a one hour session from her.

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It was a thrill and I really enjoyed this. Marina will be the go to person I use when I am in the mood for some hot, sensual pee. General Description: I really loved hanging around Marina. She was a cool chick and also very appealing to the eyes.

I plan to marina escort out with her again. The Juicy Details: Our day together was fantastic. I had heard about it, but never got involved. For one, I did not know much about it; other than what I researched. I had never practiced it, but I was also interested in the marina escort lifestyle and I thought that learning about BDSM would help me towards that goal.

I always wanted a woman to dominate the situation and that is exactly what she did to me.

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I was at her beck and call and was loving it. And believe me, Marina perfumed marina escort for me. I felt like her slave and she did everything to allow me to maintain these feelings. It was truly an eye opening experience and one that I will never forget.

General Description: Busty and sexy. Love her eyes.

They are piercing and penetrating. She is a hot girl. The Juicy Details: I love the night club scene and that is where I thought that I would bring Marina since she said she was a party girl. I wanted to see if she was a real party girl and she passed in flying marina escort. She was upbeat and on point the minute we walked through the club doors.

We were the life of the party and she continued that way for a whole three hours nonstop.

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She sure has some high energy to be so petite. I was almost out of breath by the time our session had ended. If you want to have a marina escort time at a club or some other night spot, then you should consider choosing Marina. Marina escort, she is the real party girl in my opinion. Escort reviews London escorts Marina Bio: If ever a woman was of perfect proportion, it s Marina.

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