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Name: Marijo How old am I: 35

My other half is about to move down to High Wycombe on placement intill christmas Any fukers from there or been and have some recommendations for things to do, bars, restaurants etc for when i make the trip down to see her.

Cheers Noble, sounds like a good place then will keep in mind about Beaconsfield. The least time i spend there the better. Theres some alright places in Marlow and Beaconsfield iirc so lip down there to relieve the hell.

Been there once and it was so boring. I almost conteplated going to Uni there for some obsurb reason. That was before I visited a friend who lives there.

But there are some nice places around it like others have said. Old Amersham is nice, lots of nice villages in the Chilterns etc.

The Fish House in Little Chalfont is very good although it does close early. High Wycombe is hell on earth. It takes half and hour just to travel two miles!

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I get stressed at thought of going there. Shopping centre is good, if it could be picked up and placed some where else. Pubs are full of yobs and druggies and nasty women.

I went to one pub on a works do yuk. I was the only one without a tatoo and there were more women there than men! Watch your back as in town weapons are rife! I live in a small village about 10 miles from High Wycombe. Three years down the line she had him attacked by men outside his home stabbed in the the lung, liver and chest and a dog was then set on him. Only one man was court and got a prison sentence. The other attackers are still wandering around Wycombe.

Good luck!

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Watch your backs and be careful of the women you meet there as they probably have a nutter boyfriend. Anyone liking this place needs to get out more. Marlow and Henley are cool though. I once saw a fight there where one of the people fighting asked the other guy to wait for him to finish a call on his mobile before they started. I grew up in Uxbridge - it's just as bad. Infact Beaconsfield,Marlow,Penn, Northwood and parts of Ickenham are the only local areas I could actually describe as nice.

Marlow,Windsor,Eaton and Henley are great specially in the summer months.

Great chilled out atmosphere but still lively, with nice people. I never had any trouble in Slough or Ruislip over a 4 year period. High Wycombe was terrible. You get hassled walking to the shops by men on the streets drunk. Right opposite my dealership in Wycombe was flats over some shops. Young women would have 5 or 6 men come and go all day.

It was a well known prostitute area. One day I called the police as one of the women had sat her month old baby on the balcony brick wall over the shops. She was holding the baby with one arm smoking with the other. Two hours later the police still had not come! The Women just shouted abuse to passers by telling her to remove the baby!

Downley in High Wycombe is one of the roughest areas. That is where most of the trouble makers live. Many people there are connected with violence or drugs. They all know each other. Its like a criminal village within Wycombe.

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