Get Involved


Brovember Beard-A-Thon has become an annual fundraising event that gives participants an opportunity to ditch the shaving routine during the month of November. This one of-a-kind event gives everyone an opportunity to participate and band together to raise funds and awareness for men's cancer initiatives in our community.

Go-Bro Donations

For people who choose not to or cannot grow a beard can get a “Go Bro” card by making a donation in any amount. You can get a card at (East State Barber Stylist, North Park Barbershop and other locations (TBA) where they will be proudly displayed on a Go-Bro Wall of Honor.

Online Donation

Donate the money you would usually spend on shaving, waxing and depilation for the month of November toward cancer prevention, healing and aid. Any and all donations go towards cancer initiatives in our community.Thank you, and we look forward to your continued support.

Sack Toss Tournament

There are many ways to toss the bag: the end-over-end technique, “the Helicopter,” “the Free Throw”-overhand, the very technical Fling-it-from-the-Corner-of-the-Bag throw and the controversial “Roll-up”-technique. Whatever your method, choose a partner and try to win our first Annual Brovember “Sack” Toss Tournament on August 17th, 2014 at the Main Street District 2 block Party (Downtown Rockford, Il.).

Planning Committee

We would like to encourage anyone who would like to partner or volunteer with an organization established to promoting the awareness of men's cancer issues and to raise funds to help local healthcare organizations and other worthwhile causes to please contact us. As we grow through community support, our efforts can expand in supporting and providing access to the local cancer initiatives that provide the needed resources in our community.