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Name: Amargo How old am I: I am 29

On PamelaPeaks escort site it lists that Aurora Jolie is available for "full service" escorting in Miami. Does Aurora do it the regular orifice now when cameras are not involved? I mean if Aurora Jolie's version of full service is anal and only anal there is still a host of problems.

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First you got to think maybe a quarter of her customers of informal man on the street survey natch are going to ignore her target request and slip it into her pussy. Either they still think she's a virgin there and its too much to resist or just cause they have never such a thing with her.

And even limited to only anal you'd think with the messiness of sex with a bunch of horny amateurs regardless of condom policy you are going to have an incredible chance of something going awry say HIV. It just seems an "anal only" policy as a prostitute aurora jolie escort inviting a whole lot of difficulty outside of the controlled movie set.

How does she pull it off? Or does she not pull it off and she's fine with the normal hole as long as the camera ain't rolling.

Aurora jolie videos

Maybe she's just waiting for a really big check that no one wants to write to get pussy fucked on film for the first time. Such a bizarre question regarding such a bizarre girl that has almost no chance of being answered even by this knowledgeable group of perverts but while I find an anal only pornstar an incredible oddity I find an anal only prostitute a near impossibility.

Then again maybe at a pop she only sees a few Johns a year. Anyone got any input? I get a whiff of CAOH from this post Someone track that bitch down and cut her a big enough check to get fucked in the pussy on camera! BUT, here's the twist, just one stroke of the penis in her pussy. Maybe half a second of footage.

Aurora jolie escort

That's the whole movie. Does she still have enough rabid fans to make this a viable product? Probably not.

Solution: make it one of those terrible porn parodies, but this time it's a parody of a porno someone has done this already, yes?? Whoever's cheap and can reasonably simulate Aurora Jolie in close-up. Sounds to me like both of you are new and don't really recognize anything. But please continue to post FreeS is way above this.

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He doesn't to be teaching noobs like you. Thank you for that warm welcome Ron! I doesn't to be enjoying it muchly. Thanks fartz, you saved me wasting my time on freeones looking for a pic of this whore. She works for me in a Latino fatty way.

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Aurora jolie porn

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Aurora jolie

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